Welcome to the Medipix2 Home Page!

The Medipix2 ASIC is a high spatial, high contrast resolving CMOS pixel read-out chip working in single photon counting mode. It can be combined with different semiconductor sensors which convert the X-rays directly into detectable electric signals. This represents a new solution for various X-ray and gamma-ray imaging applications.

The Timepix chip evolved from the Medipix2 development. The pixels have identical size to those of Medipix2 but the functionality within each pixel has been changed. In Timepix each pixel can be programmed to count hits like Medipix2, or to record Time-Over-Threshold (providing rough analog information), or to measure arrival time of the first particle to impinge on the pixel. The Timepix development was driven by the requirements for TPC readout and funded by the EUDet project.

[image: schematic of the medipix 2 setup]