Medipix2 / Timepix Licensees

Advacam s.r.o.

Advacam s.r.o., A spin-off from the Medipix collaborations, bringing the next generation of radiation imaging detectors to the scientific and industrial market. All their cameras count individual photons in each pixel while measuring energy of the detected radiation. To achieve this they use the technologies from Medipix2, Medipix3 and Timepix3. In 2016 Advacam delivered a small particle tracking detector to NASA, scheduled to fly to the International Space Station in March 2017. Read more

Amsterdam Scientific Instruments (ASI)

Amsterdam Scientific Instruments (ASI), a spin-off from the Medipix Collaboration, aims to develop, build and deliver the best and most reliable equipment for the photon science community. Based on the Medipix2, Medipix3 and Timepix3 technologies, ASI offers hybrid pixelated detectors for a broad range of applications both for scientific and industrial users. Read more


Kromek Group plc is a leading developer of radiation detection solutions based on high performance sensor materials, primarily cadmium zinc telluride (CZT), for applications within the medical, nuclear and security screening markets. Their solutions provide high resolution information on material composition and structure to enable the identification of cancerous tissues and hazardous materials (including explosives), and the analysis of radioactive materials. Read more

Malvern Panalytical

Malvern Panalytical is a world leading supplier of analytical instrumentation. The company offers solutions for the purpose of materials analysis as well as for materials and biophysical characterization technology. Malvern Panalytical’s X-ray instrumentation and software provide highly reliable and robust elemental and structural information on materials and are applied in scientific research and industrial process and quality control.

Since the year 2000 Malvern Panlytical has been an industrial partner of the Medipix collaboration. The aim for

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X-ray Imaging Europe (XIE)

X-ray Imaging Europe (XIE), a spin-off from the Medipix Collaboration, is producing and selling highly efficient semiconductor detectors and electronics for X- and Gamma-rays. XIE is offering Medipix2 and Timepix3 detectors and detector systems, in which they licence technology developed in the framework of the Medipix Collaborations, for the production of the various detectors.Read more

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