The Timepix3 chip


Timepix3 is a general-purpose integrated circuit suitable for readout of both semiconductor detectors and gas-filled detectors. Compared to Timepix1 the circuit has more functionality, better time resolution and more advanced architecture for continuous sparse data readout with zero-suppression. Timepix3 can be used in a wide range of applications varying from X-rays imaging to particle track reconstruction. 

Depending on the application requirements user can choose one out of three data acquisition modes available in the Timepix3. In the data driven mode both arrival time information and charge deposit information are sent off chip for each hit together with the coordinates of the active pixel. The chosen architecture allows for continuous and trigger-free readout of sparsely distributed data with the rate up to 40Mhits•cm-2 •sec-1. For imaging applications and for calibrations the possibility exists of operating in frame-based (non-continuous) data readout mode.

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