Timepix3 licence


CERN as an authorized licensor of Medipix3 collaboration and ADVACAM s.r.o. have signed a Timepix3 license agreement. Timepix3 chip (TPX3) is the next generation of X-ray and radiation imaging technology. TPX3 has an array of “clever” pixel electronics capable of processing every detected photon. Contrary to common X-ray imaging detectors, the TPX3 is capable of measuring simultaneously position, energy and time-of-arrival of every detected photon. Rather than collecting data frame-by-frame the device generates a continuous stream of event data. The information about detected photon energy is used to create a full per-pixel spectra. TPX3 is therefore a breakthrough technology that gives a course to the future of radiation imaging technology. Advacam is about to release TPX3 device in AdvaPIX TPX3 X-ray imaging detector. It will be the first commercially available detector that records all possible information about every detected photon.

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