The Medipix technology is one of CERN’s most successful knowledge transfer cases. Each collaboration has triggered a significant number of commercial activities in widely differing application areas. Medical imaging, space dosimetry, education, and material analysis just to mention a few. Moreover, the industrial partners and license holders commercialising the Medipix technology range from established enterprises to start-up companies. Thus, the technology is contributing to value creation, not only in its application areas, but also through business creation.

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The Medipix1 collaboration was formed in the 1990's when the potential of the new technology to provide noise-free single-photon counting was demonstrated.
The Medipix3 Collaboration was formed in 2005 to develop the Medipix3 chip and the Timepix3 chip: now permitting colour imaging and dead time free operation.
The Medipix2 Collaboration was formed in 1999 with the aim of developing a single photon counting pixel detector readout chip using a 0.25 μm CMOS process.
The Medipix4 Collaboration was launched in 2017. The aim is designing pixel read-out chips fully prepared for TSV processing that may be tiled on all four sides.

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