The different licences:

Either you are an established company seeking to create new products or a start-up company looking to exploit a business opportunity, it is possible to get licences on the various Medipix and Timepix technologies. Three different licences are currently available:

  1. The Medipix2 and Timepix chips. These are joint licences.
  2. The Medipix3 chip
  3. The Timepix3 chip

Although it is not yet possible to get a licence on Medipix4, the chips are currently being designed. Until the completion of the testing phases, by the end of 2018, no licences will be granted.

How to get a licence?

If you have interest in getting one of the licences available, we will be glad to answer any of your questions regarding the technical specifications as well as the legal and commercial conditions. In order to prepare the discussion, we will ask you to provide information about your main business and the use of the Medipix and Timepix chips. You will also be requested to present a business plan for the commercialisation of Medipix and Timepix based products.

Please be aware of that some of our current licensees have exclusivity in certain business areas. Want to know more about the legal and commercial conditions? Do not hesitate to contact us.​

Thanks for the interest you have in the Medipix family of chips.

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Knowledge Transfer Officer
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