20th Anniversary Symposium on Medipix and Timepix

The Medipix2 Collaboration will celebrate 20 years of activity in 2019. To mark the occasion, a special symposium on Medipix and Timepix will be held at CERN on 18 September. The symposium will be an occasion to show the ASIC developments at the heart of the work of the Collaborations as well as some of the numerous applications to which Medipix and Timepix have been applied. The symposium will be open to all past and present members of the...Read more

Timepix3, one of the read-out chips of Medipix.

From CERN to the clinic

At a seminar at CERN today, Ron Heeren describes how CERN’s Timepix read-out chip might in the future be found in surgery rooms

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Timepix3 licence

Amsterdam Scientific Instruments (ASI) has acquired a license from CERN for the TIMEPIX3 technology, a core component for ASI’s next generation hybrid pixel cameras. With the newly obtained license the company can now deliver the systems commercially.

ASI is a spin-off from Nikhef, the Dutch institute of Particle Physics. Since its foundation in 2005, ASI is a licensee of MEDIPIX technologies and has been collaborating with Nikhef in...Read more


Timepix3 licence

CERN as an authorized licensor of Medipix3 collaboration and ADVACAM s.r.o. have signed a Timepix3 license agreement. Timepix3 chip (TPX3) is the next generation of X-ray and radiation imaging technology. TPX3 has an array of “clever” pixel electronics capable of processing every detected photon. Contrary to common X-ray imaging detectors, the TPX3 is capable of measuring simultaneously position, energy and time-of-arrival of every detected...Read more

The 2017 High Energy Physics Prize awarded to Erik H.M Heijne, Robert Klanner and Gerhard Lutz

The 2017 High Energy Physics Prize was awarded to Erik H.M Heijne, Robert Klanner and Gerhard Lutz for their pioneering contributions to the development of microstrip detectors that revolutionised high-precision tracking and vertexing in high energy physics experiments. Erik initiated hybrid pixel detector developmet at CERN and was a founding member of the first Medipix Collaboration. This is a video of Erik's acceptance speech after receiving the prestigous prize.Read more


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