In 2013, a kit especially designed for classroom-use based on Timepix was put on the market. The kit consists of a user-friendly particle detector that can detect ionizing radiation in real time. The students can then observe the particles arriving on the detector on a computer screen. The ability to visually distinguish the signal of alpha, beta and gamma particles and the video-style frame-rate makes it a compelling demonstration tool for educators teching about radiation. Students also learn about computer-aided data analysis by using the USB-based read-out system.

In the video below, Michael Campbell, Spokesperson for the Medipix Collaborations, describes how the Timepix chip can be a valuable tool in education for learning about radiation. 

Projects in Education:

High-school students are encouraged to initial their own research projects using the kits.
The ADMIRA project uses Timepix-based detectors to help students experiment with particle physics and contributes to transforming STEM education.
Physics teacher Becky Parker of the Physics Simon Langton Grammar School in the UK keeps particle detectors in her classroom.

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