CERN @ School


A pilot project, called CERN@School, has been launched by the Simon Langton School in Canterbury, England, with the aim of delivering kits together with the associated teaching material, to a large number of schools. High-school students are encouraged to initial their own research projects using the kits.

CERN@school aims to inspire the next generation of physicists and engineers by giving participants the opportunity to be part of a national collaboration of students, teachers and academics, analysing data obtained from detectors based on the ground and in space to make new, curiosity-driven discoveries at school.

Broadly speaking, CERN@school consists of a number of Timepix detector kits for ground-based experiments, made available to schools for both teaching and research purposes and educational resources for teachers to use with CERN@school data and detector kits in the classroom.


By providing access to cutting-edge research equipment, raw data from ground and space-based experiments, CERN@school provides the foundation for a programme that meets the many of the aims and objectives of CERN and the programme's supporting academic and industrial partners.

Projects deriving from CERN@School: iPadPix, TimPixCERN@Sea

If you would like to get involved, read more about CERN@School here and join in here.

Technology involved: Timepix