The Medipix2 and the Medipix3 chips are both being used for commercial X-ray of materials analysis. The Dutch company Malvern Panalytical use Medipix for their cutting-edge X-ray diffractometers. These instruments are being used for a myriad of purposes such as the characterisation of pharmaceuticals, evaluation and synthesis of new materials, and the detection of counterfeit drugs. This is possible because of the extended dynamic range provided by the single-photon counting approach.

The single-photon counting technique provides outstanding images at very low rates enabling high-resolution phase-contrast imaging with micro-focus X-ray sources. In low rate environments it is possible to perform X-ray polarimetry measurements with the Timepix chip using wither silicon as the sensing meterial or gas.

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Projects in Material Analysis:

CERN’s Timepix particle detectors, developed by the Medipix2 Collaboration, help unravel the secret of a long-lost painting by the great Renaissance master, Raphael
BBC on Fake Art – InsightART in the report!

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