3D Charged Particle Tracking

Charged Particle Tracking


The core of many high energy particle physics experiments is charged particle tracking. By using ASICs that can accurately measure time in a Time Projection Chamber, one can directly reconstruct the 3D track of passing charged particles. Another example of the use of Timepix3 is in the beam telescope of the LHCb Vertex Locator group. In this case 8 Timepix3 layers accurately define the position and the time of passing of the charged particle in the Device Under Test (DUT). A spatial and time resolution of 2 um and 0.35 ns, respectively, has been achieved, which allow for detailed studies of the performance of the DUT.

Besides physics experiments, Nikhef applies Timepix and Timepix3 ASICs in proton radiography to improve treatment plans for proton cancer therapy. The image shows the Time over Threshold measurement, the Time of Arrival measurement and the reconstruction of two electron tracks in a magnetic field.

Pictures courtesy of Paolo Radaelli and Martin Fransen. 

Technology involved: Timepix  Timepix3